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About Bri


Briana Browne is the founder of The 370 Foundation. Briana, being raised in Englewood, New Jersey, was able to witness wealth gaps amongst her city from a young age. This caused her to question the world around her, why things are the way they are, and what her purpose on Earth would be. In 2015, she would be devastated by a house fire that caused a family friend to pass away and the rest of her family to be displaced. Briana was a junior in high school at the time—

a very important year.


Despite her family’s struggles, she would grow up to graduate from St. John’s University with a BS in Enterprise Regulation for Profit and Non-Profit Organizations. Briana would also sign to Marilyn Agency NY as a fashion model. With these accomplishments in place, Briana would proceed to curate her first-ever non-profit fundraiser; the “Stronger Together Food Drive” in May 2020. This three-day food drive would raise both monetary and food donations to help families who were financially impacted by COVID-19. Raising over $500 and 300+ food items, Briana was able to donate everything to The Office of Concern Food Pantry at Saint Cecilia in her hometown of Englewood!


The success of the food drive sparked a concept in Briana’s mind: The 370 Foundation. The 370 Foundation is a non-profit organization concentrated on sustainability within the fashion industry and mental health. Briana’s goal is to create a home for women the same way 370 has been a home for her. Set to launch in Fall 2020, The 370 Foundation will be uplifting black women and saving the environment, one heel at a time!

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